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Why Irrational Retirement blog?

I know it`s hard to believe, but I find retirement saving very interesting, especially the part about human behaviour when it comes to saving, investing and spending retirement savings. Since I also like to write and share my thoughts, the idea of putting together a blog always sounded like a good idea. In July 2020 I finally went against my status quo and started this blog where I will share my thoughts on behavioral biases related to retirement saving and how we can turn them around to help more people save more for retirement.

Some more things I wrote:

Some conferences I presented at:

DCIIA / SPARK Summer Public Policy Forum Series (US, 2020) – Panel: Will Europe Embrace DC Savings?

DCIIA / SPARK Global Public Policy Series (US, 2021) – Panel: What Will Drive the DC Systems of the Future?

CBBA-Europe Annual Conference (Brussels, 2022) – Panel: The complex path to cross border occupational pensions.

Society, Economy and Finances in the Face of Market and Demographic Volatility organized by PRF Portal PPK (Warsaw, 2023) – Panel: Behavioral economics in retirement awareness.  

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