Jump-start your retirement saving with the fresh start effect

End of the year brings in addition to New Year’s celebrations also New Year’s resolutions which many people make for themselves and usually include exercising more regularly, eating more veggies, quitting smoking or cutting out some other unhealthy habits. Some might also resolve to start saving for retirement or some other financial goal. So what’sContinue reading “Jump-start your retirement saving with the fresh start effect”

Boosting Covid-19 vaccine uptake and saving for retirement – same thing?

Since Covid-19 vaccines are finally being approved by regulators in the US, UK, Canada and many more countries following soon, the second part of the battle is just beginning – how to get as many people as possible vaccinated. One might think this will be first a logistical problem, but in reality it’s more ofContinue reading “Boosting Covid-19 vaccine uptake and saving for retirement – same thing?”

The dangers of anchoring in retirement saving

Ever wondered why many restaurants feature lobster or other expensive dishes at the top of their menus? Well one thing is for sure, it’s not a coincidence and the main function of the lobster is not for you to order it but to make other dishes look less expensive. Let me explain. Anchoring is oneContinue reading “The dangers of anchoring in retirement saving”

(Over)optimistic Millennials and Gen Z wishing an early retirement

According to the latest Vanguard Digital Advisor survey, Millennials and members of the Gen Z generation are planning an early retirement as most of Gen Z (67%) and Millennials (61%) plan to retire before the age 65. Some are even more optimistic, as nearly a third of Gen Z (31%) and nearly a quarter ofContinue reading “(Over)optimistic Millennials and Gen Z wishing an early retirement”

Behavioral lessons for the second pension pillar in Slovenia

Existing from 2001, the second pension pillar in Slovenia is represented by private defined contribution retirement plans managed by specialised pension funds and insurance companies. The number of members has been steadily growing and at the end of last year reached 560.722 members, which is the highest number ever. This means the coverage rate isContinue reading “Behavioral lessons for the second pension pillar in Slovenia”

COVID-19 lessons for retirement saving

The reasons why most people, from the average Joe, to experts and politicians, initially did not take the coronavirus COVID-19 seriously are largely the same, as the reasons why most still do not take climate change seriously, exercise regularly or save for retirement. We can look for the culprits in an intertwined web of behavioralContinue reading “COVID-19 lessons for retirement saving”