Did the stock market volatility in 2020 affect asset allocation of pension plan members?

We all remember the roller coaster ride stock markets had in the year 2020 that started in march with a sharp drop in stocks of almost all sectors and industries, followed by equally or even higher rises of some industries in the later months of the year. All in all, most of the markets recoveredContinue reading “Did the stock market volatility in 2020 affect asset allocation of pension plan members?”

Mandatory VS voluntary enrollment in retirement plans (Croatia VS Slovenia)

We know from lots of behavioral science literature the initial decision to join a retirement saving plan is one of the hardest, as there are lots of behavioral biases working against it, from loss aversion to status quo bias and many more. But what can we do to make this decision easier?  One of theContinue reading “Mandatory VS voluntary enrollment in retirement plans (Croatia VS Slovenia)”

The dangers of anchoring in retirement saving

Ever wondered why many restaurants feature lobster or other expensive dishes at the top of their menus? Well one thing is for sure, it’s not a coincidence and the main function of the lobster is not for you to order it but to make other dishes look less expensive. Let me explain. Anchoring is oneContinue reading “The dangers of anchoring in retirement saving”

Behavioral lessons for the second pension pillar in Slovenia

Existing from 2001, the second pension pillar in Slovenia is represented by private defined contribution retirement plans managed by specialised pension funds and insurance companies. The number of members has been steadily growing and at the end of last year reached 560.722 members, which is the highest number ever. This means the coverage rate isContinue reading “Behavioral lessons for the second pension pillar in Slovenia”

COVID-19 lessons for retirement saving

The reasons why most people, from the average Joe, to experts and politicians, initially did not take the coronavirus COVID-19 seriously are largely the same, as the reasons why most still do not take climate change seriously, exercise regularly or save for retirement. We can look for the culprits in an intertwined web of behavioralContinue reading “COVID-19 lessons for retirement saving”